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Working Knowledge – An important part of a contractors job is to inspect and manage all the parts of the home during its construction. As the saying goes “You don’t know what you don’t know”. You want to find a builder that is knowledgeable about ALL the trades and standards in the industry. They should know about the local regulations and building codes throughout the process. They should also be knowledgeable on industry trends like ENERGY STAR, Green Building, and SMART technology. The more they know about building the better your home is likely to be.

Adequate Skill Set – It’s one thing to KNOW how to do something. It’s another beast altogether actually DOING it. Some of you will be building homes with grand ceiling systems and fine woodworking. In cases where you have upscale design features, make sure your builder has the proper hands on skill set to accomplish them.

Reputable Business Experience – There is something to be said for a solid, long standing reputation. Look for builders who have been around the block a few times and know the ropes. Your looking for a builder who is already networked with the building community and established enough report to get things done on schedule. Ask for references you can call and a list of all the recent projects they’ve worked on.

Licensed and Insured – We know this is an obvious one, but still… Be absolutely, 100% positive your builder is a licensed and insured contractor.

Credentials – If you are interested in building a certified ENERGY STAR home or build a Green Home you’ll need to find a qualified builder. Ask around or look online for builders who are certified in your area.
Look At Their Past Work – Seeing is believing. Ask the builder if there is a past home he has built that is similar to your design and quality. If possible, set up a time to physically see the work and speak to the past clients.

Look For Professionalism and Organization – The primary role of the builder is to organize and orchestrate the whole project. That means you’ll be dealing with the same company for months on end. Look for a professional company that takes their work seriously. They should be organized, provide responsive customer service, and conduct themselves in a business like manner. If it looks like a business and smells like a business, chances are it’s a business. If it looks unprofessional and smells unprofessional, chances are it’s that too.

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