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All Lucas Robert Homes come with a Lock and Key Contract. We guarantee the price of our homes so the price we quote you on the contract is the price you pay. In addition to this unique feature of our contracts, here are some things of particular interests we’d like to highlight:

Allowances – Allowances are set aside funds allotted to home owners for purchasing materials, fixtures, and other materials need to complete a project. Based on our discovery discussions prior to the bid, we compile an estimate of the material costs. When it comes time to install the materials, we will give you a check for the allotted amount of funds to spend how you please. If you spend less you can pocket the difference; if you go over you’ll need to fund it.

Custom Extras – We understand there’s a huge difference between imagining a home on paper and actually standing in it. There may be additional outlets you want installed or the tub and vanities swapt. We do our best to prevent these extra costs by meeting regularly and staying in close contact with our clients. Still, in the cases where extra work or materials are needed to modify a project you’ll be billed at an hourly rate of $20 per hour plus the material costs. * And unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a dime to oversee the changes you make.

ENERGY STAR Certification – We are among a handful of builders paving the way in building certified ENERGY STAR homes. If you choose to include the certification in the price of your home, we guarantee it’s successful inspection and certification.

Payment Schedule – Depending on the project size we usually schedule 6-10 milestones where funds are released to start and complete sub-projects. Every draw lists an itemized account for the funds and how they are going to be used. Any custom extras will be billed to you separately and due in 30 days.

Work NOT Included – There are times when our clients have a preferred tradesmen they would like to tackle a project. Our contracts include a clause that permits you to hire whomever you’d like given they are insured and conduct themselves in a businesslike manner. If this section pertains to you please note that you willingly take both personal responsibility and liability for themselves and their work.

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