Considerations While Drawing Up Your Designs

December 9, 2009 by admin  
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By now you should have a good idea of the style and features you want your home to have. You hopefully have several pictures or floor plans to work with and are ready to start finalizing your design. Depending on how your research turned out, you may have the perfect design already done and ready to order just the way you want it. Then again, you may have three designs you want to mold into one. In either case, here are some tips and ideas to think about before you go to print.

Kitchens – Kitchens are a primary part of any home. Their condition and features add significant value to the home both in terms of practical usefulness and overall monetary investment. Given your unique opportunity to start from scratch, we would encourage you to give considerable thought to this room. If you have any money for splurging on upgrades we recommend a few here.

  • Get High Quality, Durable Cabinets.
  • Lay Tile or Hardwood Floors Down
  • Use Energy Start Appliances
  • Use Ample Lighting
  • Give Yourself Enough Storage
  • Use granite or tile counter tops

Bathrooms – The second most important areas are your bathrooms. Large master bathrooms with separate shower and spa tub are extremely popular now and days. We also strongly suggest making the guest bathroom as inviting and comfortable as possible. Look for spots just off the main common areas where they have enough privacy to not be heard by everyone else.

Porches and Decks – Generally, the more outside you can bring in the better. Wrap around porches and eloquent decks are always attractive areas that pull weight with home buyers. More importantly, they are very enjoyable to use throughout the year.

Windows- When it comes to windows, finding a balance can be tricky. To little and your home can feel like a cave. Too much and you’ll have a hard time finding places to arrange your furniture. When designing a home, keep the interior arrangements in mind. Give yourself the flexibility to arrange the room in different ways.

Flooring – Flooring materials fall into Four basic categories: Hard Woods, Tile, Carpet, and Linoleum. If at all possible, we definitely suggest putting down hard woods or tile where possible in the common areas. They instantly add a warmth and richness to the interior and will typically last longer than carpet and linoleum.

Open Design Trend – A recent trend in home design is the idea of an open floor plan. Contrary to compartmentalized building style, the open design concept has few walls between common areas, giving off a larger, grander appearance.

Storage – When designing your home, be sure to allow for enough storage areas to work with. Your seasonal festivities, tools, and old collectibles need some place to go.

Furniture – Many home owners either overlook how their furniture will fit in the rooms or don’t account for the additional furniture they need to fill the extra space. You may want to make to-scale cutouts of your furniture and try different arrangements on your blueprints.

Location of Bedrooms – For those with kids or the elderly consider the placement of the bedrooms as a primary consideration. Some of you parents may want a room right next to your kids, others may want a room on the opposite side of the home. The elderly may not be able to get up and down stairs later in life. Be practical to make sure the plan fits your needs.

Upkeep – Having a huge home has it’s good side but we all know it has to be cleaned sometime. Be sure you have enough time to keep up your home or can afford to have someone take care of it for you.

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