Finding Suitable Land

December 9, 2009 by admin  
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Up there on the list of essential elements to building a home is a plot of land. It seems straight forward enough but let’s think through some things you may not have considered.

The Lay of the Land – The layout of the land has a significant impact on what home designs will work best. A flat plane will give us different options than building into a hillside. If you are fortunate enough to still be looking for a plot you have the advantage of pairing your home design to the land instead of designing the home around the land.

Government and Legal – Double check with your local government(s) to make sure you have legal right to build what you want on that land. You may be surprised to find that your home must adhere to certain restrictions if you want to build on or subdivide the land later.

One Important Kentucky Point – Don’t be surprised if your builder hits rock while digging your footers. Kentucky is in fact, a mountain. Your builder should be able to accomplish the desired building spot, however, just be prepared to front the additional costs of blasting through the rock or settle for another building location.

Popular Trends – Decks and porches are very popular in the south. Look for a plot of land where windows, decks, and porches can receive the natural sunlight. This adds functionality and space to the home and helps conserve energy by using the sun’s natural heat.

Something To Think About – In rural areas, many place their homes on top of a hill. While this gives them a visually pleasing view of their surroundings it also tends to push the home back from the road. Typically, the farther back the home sits from the road, the more money will be required to initially hook up your electrical and septic system. There is also recurring maintenance costs associated with owning land. Before you decide to surround your home with long gravel driveways and acres of fields consider the time and money it will take to keep up.

Resources – The internet is always a good place to start when searching for land. We would also recommend checking with your local real estate professional and looking in the papers under “For Sale By Owner”.

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