How NOT To Select A Builder

December 9, 2009 by admin  
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My Family or Friend is a Builder – I know you love family and I’m sure you’re a loyal friend, but at the end of the day you are, in fact, entrusting hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone. While it is okay to hire a qualified, experienced builder who happens to be a family member, it is not a good idea to hire Bobby because he likes to watch the DIY Channel.

Price Alone – You’ve heard the saying “You Pay For What You Get”. We don’t recommend selecting the lowest price for the sake of saving money. Nor do we recommend associating the highest price with the best quality. In fact, you may want to take out price altogether while you make your decision. Then, IF price is an issue, reassess the builders.

Similar Trade vs. General Contracting – There is a huge difference between what a tile layer knows and what a general contractor knows. While you may know many people who are amazing at a specific trade, that does not necessarily translate into an amazing contractor. Look for a qualified general contractor whose job it is to manage large projects.

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