The Basic Building Process

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From paper to breaking ground – After you have plans in hand, its time to find a builder to execute the design. We discuss how to find a builder in more detail in the next section. Aside from the builder, you will also need to pull permits, get a land survey complete, and set up temporary power to the site (if applicable). Use this time wisely to make sure all your ducks are in a row.

Laying the Foundations – The first major part of your home construction will be the excavation, foundations, and footers. This is not A critical part of the home, it is THE critical part of the building. So much so, this one thing has an inspection all on it’s own. It is essential to ensure the ground and brick are done under good conditions. This is a main reason why those starting construction after October may see delays through the winter. If this is you, it’s best to stay patient and let your builder determine when the conditions are satisfactory. This isn’t something you want to force for the sake of progress.

Getting Under Roof – The next major phase of construction is framing up the home. We recommend meeting with your builder early in this phase to revisit the design and make sure interior walls are where you want them. If you can, meet your builder after the floor is on but before the walls are built. Have him lay out the rooms so you can get a feel for how much space you have. Changes after this point will be more expensive and cause time delays.

Getting to Drywall – After framing the other main home systems are put in. This includes the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. You should also start to see the exterior walls and roofing material being installed. Request a meeting with your builder to make sure the lighting and plumbing are where you want them. Additional inspections will be done by your local government before the drywall is hung and finished.

Finishing The Home – The last phase of home building is the detailing of the interior and exterior. During this time projects like the flooring and installing cabinets are taking place. If you haven’t already decided on paint colors, door styles, and hardware you’ll need to make those decisions now. When the home is complete it will have to pass one more inspection to receive a certificate of occupancy. You’ll also have a final walk through with your builder to determine if your happy with the project. When your satisfied with the work, you’ll typically sign a document releasing the builder from the contract and give them final payment.

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