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Features and Information About Lucas Robert Homes


Our Mission and Building Philosophy

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations on every home we build. We take great pride in our quality of work and are committed to building exactly what our clients set out to accomplish.

Lucas Robert Homes are known for their high quality and attention to details. Every project is given rigorous inspections and double checked for building accuracy, efficiency, and aesthetic quality. We take pride in every nail we set and every brick we lay. Like the artist who cares for his masterpiece we see each new home as an opportunity to express our talents to create something truly beautiful and unique that will last for hundreds of years to come.

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Our Reputation and Experience

The first Lucas Robert Home was built in 1994. What started out as a small town construction company quickly became one of the most sought after builders in Central Kentucky. For fifteen years our reputation for superior quality and professional service has been the cornerstone of our success. The same quality and care has been put into over 100 homes in the Central Kentucky area and continues to define a standard in excellent home craftsmanship.

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Quality And Craftsmanship

Quality is synonymous with Lucas Homes. There is simply no room for par quality or corner cutting in our projects. It is our attention to detail and obsession with aesthetic quality that has help make us the number one home builder in Kentucky. It is not enough for us to simply install the material. To “make it work” when things don’t fall into place. We take the time to ensure seamless installations and unified material quality. Every Lucas Home is cared for by one of our master craftsmen who has consistently demonstrated excellence is building standards with substantial experience and industry knowledge. We not only expect excellence, we guarantee it!

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Professional Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating then working with an amateur company that lacks the proper business support and structure. An unorganized and understaffed builder can be slow to respond to problems or address home owner concerns.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is fully accessible to all our clients providing our personal touch to professional customer service. We are a company you can depend on to provide you with a home building experience as it should be: easy, hassle-free, and right on time

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Lock And Key Contracts

Every Lucas Robert Remodel comes with a lock an key contract. This means you’ll know exactly what your remodel will cost to build before we start! Unlike a Cost Plus contract where you pay for materials plus “whatever it costs” to install them, we guarantee the price of your home. While other home builders are stressing about rising labor costs and deadlines, you can rest assured that building expenses will never get out of hand or worry about being charged for less than motivated labor.

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How We Address The Unique Needs Of Remodels

There are several distinct and important differences between building a home and remodeling. These points of interest are crucial for a builder to understand if they are going to provide any kind of remodel services

Working Around The Client – The most obvious difference in new construction and remodeling is the fact that the home is being occupied during construction. In most cases, a builder will be required to pack in materials and tools as well as manage employees and other sub-contractors. This creates opportunity for unwanted damage to acure in other parts of the home as well as introducing the possibility of theft.

To combat these two challenges, we also take care to have strict scheduling so we can keep track of their comings and goings. This allows us to cut back on unwanted damage by keeping a clean and spacious work area and better monitor who was where and when.

Resolving Unforeseen Problems Quickly – Another major challenge during a remodel is resolving any unforeseen problems quickly that arise after construction starts. No builder can predict what’s behind the walls of a home. Particularly in older homes, mold, termites, and rot can occure requiring additional work. Because remodels are often under heavy time constrants, its critical to have a knowledgable and resource contractor to put things back on schedule.

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Getting Started

When you ready to request a bid, schedule an appointment with one of our associates. Because we use lock and key contracts, our bidding takes a little longer to put together than other builders. We typically have one or two meetings to discuss your building plans, talk about what building options you have available, and the kind of material you’re looking for. After we fully understand your project a formal bid will be submitted for your consideration. Our bid will include line by line item breakdown of the projects so it is easy to see what each project costs.

To request a free, no obligation bid, call 270-590-8724