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Features and Information About Lucas Robert Homes


Our Mission and Building Philosophy

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations on every home we build. We take great pride in our quality of work and are committed to building exactly what our clients set out to accomplish.

Lucas Robert Homes are known for their high quality and attention to details. Every home is given rigorous inspections and double checked for building accuracy, efficiency, and aesthetic quality. We take pride in every nail we set and every brick we lay. Like the artist who cares for his masterpiece we see each new home as an opportunity to express our talents to create something truly beautiful and unique that will last for hundreds of years to come.

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Our Reputation and Experience

The first Lucas Robert Home was built in 1994. What started out as a small town construction company quickly became one of the most sought after builders in Central Kentucky. For fifteen years our reputation for superior quality and professional service has been the cornerstone of our success. The same quality and care has been put into over 100 homes in the Central Kentucky area and continues to define a standard in excellent home craftsmanship.

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Quality And Craftsmanship

Quality is synonymous with Lucas Homes. There is simply no room for par quality or corner cutting in a Lucas Home. It is our attention to detail and obsession with aesthetic quality that has help make us the number one home builder in Kentucky. It is not enough for us to simply install the material. To “make it work” when things don’t fall into place. We take the time to ensure seamless installations and unified material quality. Every Lucas Home is cared for by one of our master craftsmen who has consistently demonstrated excellence is building standards with substantial experience and industry knowledge. We not only expect excellence, we guarantee it!

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Professional Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating then working with an amateur company that lacks the proper business support and structure. An unorganized and understaffed builder can be slow to respond to problems or address home owner concerns.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is fully accessible to all our clients providing our personal touch to professional customer service. We are a company you can depend on to provide you with a home building experience as it should be: easy, hassle-free, and right on time

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The Lucas Robert Signature

Every Lucas Robert Home must undergo a rigorous inspection by our qualified Master Builders. Each inspection checks for key areas of interest that is critical to the aesthetic beauty and integrity of your home. You can have confidence
that your home will exceed your expectations and last for decades to come.

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Certified Energy Star and Green Homes

As America moves farther toward energy conservation and Eco friendly intentions researchers have begun to produce better building materials and standards. Lucas Robert Homes are on the forefront of these breakthroughs, building all our homes with these principles in mind. Our Certified Energy Star Homes ensure a home free from wasted energy, helping our environment flourish and your monthly energy bills staying well below budget. Click Here to find out more about Energy Star Homes and their qualities.

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Lock And Key Contracts

Every Lucas Robert Home comes with a lock an key contract. This means you’ll know exactly what your home will cost to build before you ever break ground! Unlike a Cost Plus contract where you pay for materials plus “whatever it costs” to install them, we guarantee the price of your home. While other home builders are stressing about rising labor costs and deadlines, you can rest assured that building expenses will never get out of hand or worry about being charged for less than motivated labor.

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Custom Solid-Wood Cabinets

Kitchens are a major focal point of any home. They provide a unique opportunity for home owners to express themselves through design and functionality. Well designed kitchens are durable and efficient while providing comfort, style, and beauty.

Every Certified Lucas Robert Home comes standard-equipped with solid wood, custom made cabinets that are unparalleled to any brand of factory or semi-custom substitute. The quality and craftsmanship placed into our work will ensure that your cabinets are durable enough to last for decades to come.

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Home Warranty Information

We want your home to live up to the quality and durability you would expect form a Lucas Robert Home. To ensure your home lives up to our name, we are happy to offer a 12 month “Top to Bottom” warranty on all new Lucas Robert Homes. This feature protects against possible ware and tear as the home settles. Plus, your warranty also includes main home systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. For for more details, click here to learn more about our Home Warranty

Lifetime Energy Star Certification
35 Years Roofing
7 Years Frigidaire and Cooling Unit
5 Years Garage Door and Opener
12 Months Footings and Foundation
12 Months Exterior Finishes
12 Months Walls and Paint
12 Months Plumbing
12 Months Electrical
12 Months HVAC System
12 Months Septic System
12 Months Trim Work and Cabinetwork
12 Months Finish Flooring
12 Months Fire Places

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Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Technology has come along way in recent years and is redefining the concept of what a house can be. From home security and remote home monitoring to morning routine automation and energy conservation, smart home technology is becoming the standard in modern homes. Lucas Robert Homes are no exception to these trends and embrace the future in every one of our homes by providing a full home system wiring as a standard feature. Learn more about Smart Homes and their possibilities here

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