Barren River Lake Homes


Our Experience Building Lake Homes

Since the start of Lucas Robert Homes over 15 years ago we have been building homes on the beautiful Barren River Lake. Over the years we have grown to appreciate the challenges that come with building on the steep lots surrounding the lake. We’ve also grown to appreciate the design patterns and unique features associated with lake front homes. Our experience with past homes in this area have given us unique insight to help our clients develop a better design and provides us the foresight to see possible challenges before you break ground.

Considering Skill Set

It’s one thing to KNOW how to do something. It’s another thing all together DOING it. More often than not your lake home will have unique features that require a skilled and experienced person to get the job done right. Many of these features are few and far between and seldom seen in a traditional home. As a result, many builders in the area have never had the opportunity to build these features.

That’s not the case with Lucas Robert Homes. Our builders are well rehearsed constructing these features and have personally built homes requiring intense precision and accuracy.

Built For Efficiency

Hiring us to build your lake home also gives you the added benefit of hiring a Certified ENERGY STAR Builder. We understand the importance of energy efficiency and have the technical knowledge needed to build an airtight home free from costly leakage.