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What You Can Expect From Us

Below is information about how to get started with Lucas Robert Homes and what you can expect from us. If your looking for more information about who we are and the kind features you can expect in a Lucas Robert Home, CLICK HERE

Developing Your Home Concept

There are literally hundreds of decisions to be made when building a home. It’s a lot to consider and we understand not everyone is up to date on the latest building trends. Weather you already have a plan in mind or starting from scratch, our professional team of builders can help you make better informed decisions and provide you with expert interior design considerations. We encourage all our clients to seek out pictures and resources that help us better understand what your likes and dislikes our. We strive to truly understand what our clients are looking to achieve.

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Going Green and Getting Energy Star Certified

By far, one of the greatest advantages to building a home is taking advantage of new building trends, techniques, and materials. For a slightly higher building cost you can have a home certified by ENERGY STAR that will significantly reduce your utility expenses. As America moves more attention toward energy conservation, having a home free from wasted energy will be a valuable reselling feature.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to wire your home for SMART technology. SMART technology is easy-to-use hardware and software that integrates with your house. There are hundreds of applications for this technology and as it grows in popularity you’re home will be wired to take advantage of the new market.

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Understanding The Building Contract

All Lucas Robert Homes come with a Lock and Key Contract. We guarantee the price of our homes so the price we quote you on the contract is the price you pay. In addition to this unique feature of our contracts, here are some things of particular interests we’d like to highlight.

Allowances –
Allowances are set aside funds allotted to home owners for purchasing materials, fixtures, and other materials need to complete a project. Based on our discovery discussions prior to the bid, we compile an estimate of the material costs. When it comes time to install the materials, we will give you a check for the allotted amount of funds to spend how you please. If you spend less you can pocket the difference; if you go over you’ll need to fund it.

Custom Extras –
We understand there’s a huge difference between imagining a home on paper and actually standing in it. There may be additional outlets you want installed or the tub and vanities swap out. We do our best to prevent these extra costs by meeting regularly and staying in close contact with our clients. Still, in the cases where extra work or materials are needed to modify a project you’ll be billed at an hourly rate of $20 per hour plus the material costs. * And unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a dime to oversee the changes you make.

ENERGY STAR Certification –
We are among a handful of builders paving the way in building certified ENERGY STAR homes. If you choose to include the certification in the price of your home, we guarantee it’s successful inspection and certification.

Payment Schedule -
Depending on the project size we usually schedule 4-6 milestones where funds are released to start and complete sub-projects. Every draw lists an itemized account for the funds and how they are going to be used. Any custom extras will be billed to you separately and due in 30 days.

Work NOT Included –
There are times when our clients have a preferred tradesmen they would like to tackle a project. Our contracts include a clause that permits you to hire whomever you’d like given they are insured and conduct themselves in a businesslike manner. If this section pertains to you please note that you willingly take both personal responsibility and liability for themselves and their work.

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Getting Started With Lucas Robert

When you ready to request a bid, schedule an appointment with one of our associates. Because we use lock and key contracts, our bidding takes a little longer to put together than other builders. We typically have one or two meetings to discuss your building plans, talk about what building options you have available, and the kind of material you’re looking for. After we fully understand your project a formal bid will be submitted for your consideration. Our bid will include line by line item breakdown of the projects so it is easy to see what each project costs.

To request a free, no obligation bid, call 270-590-8724

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About Our Building Process

Here is a typical look at what our building process looks like.

Getting Started – The first draw will be collected at the time of the contract signing.

Milestone One – Legal Compliance, Excavation, and the Footings
During this phase of construction measures are made to make sure all local government requirements are met. We also complete the excavation, footings, and block work. By this time we will have already meet with our homeowners to discussed the exact positioning of the home. Building inspections are required after the footings are poured.

Milestone Two – Installing the Main Home Systems and Exterior

The next milestone funds the installation of the homes main systems like the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems in addition to funding the siding and roofing. On larger projects, these may come in two separate draws. Before these systems are installed you’ll have an opportunity to meet with your builder to walk through the home together. You’ll also meet with our cabinet maker to select what kind of style and color you want to order. Finally, your second home inspection will be ordered.

Milestone Three – The Finish Work
The third milestone funds the drywall and finishing work. This includes items like trim work, flooring, and painting. Depending on the size of your project, this milestone may require two separate draws. You’ll have additional meetings with your builder along the way to make sure everything is living up to your satisfaction. Your final inspection from your local government will be completed and you’ll be given your owner occupancy certificate.

Milestone Four – Our Customer Satisfaction
Just because our home passes a government inspection doesn’t mean it passes ours. The final milestone isn’t funded until we are 100% complete and you are 100% satisfied. When the last of the work is finished you’ll receive a folder containing all of your warranty information and a receipt of our checklist certifying your home is Lucas Robert approved.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Our mission is to exceed client expectations. For fifteen years we have accomplished that goal, building over one hundred homes in Central Kentucky. We built a reputation on our attention to detail and professional services. You can expect the same quality and care will go into your home that we built our foundations on.

We understand your excitement and stress as the home is being built. You can expect us to promptly return phone calls and address your questions or concerns. Feel free to schedule a meeting with your builder anytime you want to discuss the project. We’ll meet you at the job site or over a cup of coffee.

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